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Bedroom Music

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Castor is a renowned musician with the band Vigil & Thieves, and presents this hardcore look into life on the road, heavy drinking, and all the bedroom music one desires. These are poems of love and all its problems, the joy of makeup after the horror of breakup, the self abuse, loyalty and the big question of what does love look like. This is an unflinching look into a queer relationship, vulnerable and brave.

"Steph Castor’s voice is taut like a guitar string — metallic, wiry truths reverberate from her poems and by turns, soft chords strike with startling tenderness. A stellar first book, Bedroom Music will leave you plucked awake from the after-hum Castor evokes in the unexpected of the everyday. These poems are a musical elixir for our times."
—K. Bradford, Founder and Artistic Director,

With both the warmth of nostalgia and the urgency of lust, Bedroom Music is a refreshing new breed of poetry. Steph Castor’s poems burst with an eager aesthetic energy. Here, the reader is invited into one poet’s road trip through memory, into landscape, dogma and generational inheritance. The lyrical and often unpredictable narrative weaves through secret lusts, confessions and cinematic meditations. One part memoir and one part poetic discourse — Bedroom Music is rigorous yet fleeting, elusive while still candid. It’s an experience to read, one which draws the reader in only to breaks their heart. Perhaps it is this breaking that is a central theme in the collection—the reminder that we must break before we mend."
—Tristan Silverman, winner of the 2010
Gwendolyn Brooks Poetry Award

poet bio:
Steph is a poet, freelance publicist, music journalist, and content writer currently living on a farm in Eudora, KS, A long time poet and community builder in the Lawrence and KC areas, notably they helped to establish the #LFK Poetry Slam back in 2014. Steph has written for several websites and magazines, but perhaps most notable include GuitarWorld.com, Curve Magazine, Outburn Magazine, RevolverMag.com, AudioBaby.com, Tattoo.com and most recently Guitar Girl Magazine. Steph has workshopped and performed with outstanding writers including Andrea Gibson, Robb Q. Telfer, Jack McCarthy, Tara Hardy, Sonya Renee, John Sinclair and many more.

"I believe that people should be living to their fullest potential and not selling themselves short." --Steph Castor