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First-Hand Accounts from Made-Up Places

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Mike James presents absurdist poems with the deftness of a master. The opening sequence of "Americanized Ghazals" is a majestic trajectory through landscape, place, sexual politics and pop-culture, paired with a sophisticated structure which never approaches pedantry. The following section illuminates the paintings of Grant Wood in a completely unexpected and transcendent way. The final section, prose poems, is the real coup de tat here. You have to read the book. This is a vital and honest collection and SMP is incredibly proud to offer it to you.

Mike James has been widely published in magazines, large and small, throughout the country. His eleven previous poetry collections include: Crows in the Jukebox (Bottom Dog), My Favorite Houseguest (FutureCycle), and Peddler’s Blues (Main Street Rag). He has served as an associate editor for the Kentucky Review and Autumn House Press, as well as the publisher of the now defunct Yellow Pepper Press. He makes his home outside Nashville, Tennessee.

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