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One Hundred Years Among the Daisies

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George Wallace – winner of the First International Poetry Festival ÓRPHEUS – PLOVDIV 2018 with his poem ‘Orpheus on the Elbrus’ — is one of the best contemporary world’s poets I have ever read. His poetry is like a message from God, but it isn’t enough to say that because while plenty of poets think that they write under God’s dictation, to hear the message, to catch the message, is different. In its energy, a sliver of the Beats (A hundred years among the daisies). In its reflectiveness, a particle of the Postmodernists (Letters from Vincent). But the essence of this strong masculine poetry is the Message — the message to the people, the message to the future, like a man who dies twice does not die / at all, he is Lazarus, he comes back to life, reborn. This is a poetry written in the language of the Prophets. This is a poetry with contempt for the oods of the world — the seas and rivers, time and memory, history and the future — in their present tense. The real message of this poetry is its attempt to unite a divided world.

—Anton Baev, poet, writer, Chairman, Plovdiv Writers’ Union