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Shoot the Alligators Closest to the Boat

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Nathanael Stolte brings us his first full-length collection of poetry with Shoot the Alligators Closest to the Boat. He is a well-seasoned poetry vet, having toured relentlessly across America with his captivating performances and this book is well over-due. It is the second winner of the Victor Allen Smith Poetry Prize for a first full-length, a prize issued by Mule editor, Jason Ryberg.

Some poets are born of the fire that makes the world in all of its beautiful doom, Stolte is one of those poets – let him sing.
—RA Washington, author of BLACK Eunuch

Nathanael Stolte's new collection, Shoot the Alligators Closest to the Boat, is right up my alley. It has guts. It's accessible. There's more here than just that, however. There is also craft, beautiful imagery, and poems that stick with you long after reading them. It's a hell of a collection, and I can't recommend it highly enough.
—Daniel Crocker, author of Leadwood

'Nathanael William Stolte always has room for you in his heart. It’s warm and metaphysical in there, so be sure to bring your slippers and a flask. Stolte is the everyday-man’s man, writing of a simple and humble life. He is often brave enough to call people out on their shit (including his own), writing, “Being wrong is a universal human condition.” His short pieces land like grenades and his longer pieces spin tales of the intricacies of aging, the nature of perspective, and lessons necessary for becoming a better person. Wherever Stolte may be, I am confident that he is experiencing and writing about that place in its most beautifully authentic form. Like the city, this collection is dirty and tough, mysterious and sentimental. Stolte characterizes his collection well when he writes, “It’s cold / my feet are wet & / I wouldn’t change a thing.”
—Linzi Garcia, author of Thank You

Stolte shows us his favorite parts of hell with calm enthusiasm. His love affair with perdition cools with distance from the inferno, but still proves eternal. There is humor and humility in this complex (but not convoluted) collection of street-kid war stories and dope sick love letters. It reads like a lullaby for the damned.
—Ezhno Martín, founding editor EMP Books

author bio:
Nathanael William Stolte is the author of six chapbooks most recently, A Beggars Prayer Book (Night Ballet Press, 2017) & Ramshackle American (Analogue Submissions Press, 2018). Nathanael is a gamer, an educator, and a believer in the absurd. He was voted best poet in Buffalo (Artvoice, 2016). He is a madcap, flower-punk, D.I.Y. Buffalo bred & corn-fed poet. He responds to emails at nathanaelstolte@yahoo.com