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That's How It Is

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Jared Smith is the author of 14 books of poetry, 2 CDs,

and stage productions in New York and Chicago. He has

served on the Editorial Boards of Home Planet News, The

New York Quarterly, Turtle Island Quarterly, and The

Pedestal Magazine, as well as on the Board of Directors

of literary and arts non-profits in New York, Illinois, and

Colorado. Jared has taught at New York University, La

Guardia Community College, and Illinois Institute of

Technology. He has also worked as Vice President of a

consulting company, Associate Director of Education

and Applied Technology Research at Institute of Gas

Technology; Special Advisor to Argonne National

Laboratory; and as a technical advisor to The White House

under President Clinton. He lives in Colorado, where he

spends much of his time in a rustic log cabin in Roosevelt

National Forest.