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The Mostly True Memoirs of a Witch

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"Broken bodies, busted wigs, silver boots, grinding poverty, grinding, drag queens, hustlers, homophobia, the specter of HIV, the specter of a dead sister, of violence, of death by nightclub shooter: all of these are cast into the cauldron of The Mostly True Memoirs of a Witch to stir up its freshly improvised enchantments. The scene is a millennial dead-end, the hero is anti-, the bodies are everywhere, alive and dead. “I have known you through our frequent endings—the / unprotected kiss on my neck—the impossible about you,” King’s narrator says. But even as despair floods these poems, so does resilience and beauty and grace, for rising waters give us equal “chance at drowning / or salvation.”

—Julie Sheehan, Bar Book: Poems and Otherwise

author bio:
MITCHELL KING is a runaway witch living in Kansas City. His work appears online and in print at BOAAT, The Adroit Journal, BadPony, Gigantic Sequins, Baest, Rust+Moth, Nat.Brut and more. He is the 2017 winner of the New South Poetry contest and holds an MFA in poetry from Stony Brook Southampton.