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Think of the World as a Mirror Maze

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Think of the World as a Mirror Maze is a ruthless foray into the hazards of family life, from being a child to having a child and the devastating love in between. Vance approaches the familiar with curveball imagery, uncommon language, and devastating honesty, leaving the reader astonished at the new visions of shared familial experience.

"Caitlin Vance’s Think of the World as a Mirror Maze is the antidote to the apocryphal stories about women the culture wants us to believe. No sugar and spice, no Miss Manners, no cleaving unto a man. Instead, on these pages, Vance paints vivid, sometimes bloody, and always mesmerizing images of a striving toward a truer, fiercer sense of the feminine, or at times, more pointedly, images of how that fierceness is contained and repressed: “My mother’s skin is stretched on the hunter’s wall/like a canvas left to dry.” The speakers in Vance’s poems make clear they are not going to end up stretched across someone’s wall. They may just be the hunter and not the hunted. Their smiles are: “made of small, sharp bones/meant to rip/the flesh of a dumber animal.” As the speaker in the final poem says, “The sun can do whatever it wants/and, I realize suddenly, so can I.” And in this book, Vance does whatever she wants, bravely and without regard for what anyone thinks she should do."

—Christopher Kennedy, Author of 
Clues from the Animal Kingdom

Caitlin Vance is a poet and fiction writer originally from Washington state. Her poems and stories have appeared in Tin House, The Southern Review, ZYZZYVA, The Collagist, New Ohio Review, The Literary Review, Washington Square Review, Birdfeast, NightBlock, Figure 1, and other magazines. Her poetry chapbook, The Little Cloud, was published by dancing girl press in 2018. She earned a BA in Philosophy from Colby College and an MFA in Creative Writing from Syracuse University. She is currently pursuing a PhD in English & Creative Writing at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. Her academic interests include fairy tales, gothic literature, children’s & young adult literature, and feminist theory & literary criticism. She is currently working on a middle-grade novel, a short story collection for adults, and a hybrid poetry project. Visit her website at caitlinmaryvance.com, or follow her on Instagram @caitlinmaryvance.