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When I Was a Girl Like Me ... by Margaret Bazzell-Crocker

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Poet Margaret Bazzell-Crocker brings a knockout collection of work with "When I Was a Girl Like Me," the book explores the world of family and motherhood and femininity with a sledgehammer and a sickle. This collection is raw with anger and power while being so honest and maintaining hope throughout. This is a true masterpiece of the modern woman's perspective.

"This is a book I’ve been waiting two decades for, one written without excuses or apologizes, one that shows a multi-dimensional view of the female experience. Crocker explores the journey from girlhood to womanhood in a way that makes me consider how easy it is to blink and wake up decades later, having given away so much of yourself that you have to rediscover who you are. In her introduction, Crocker talks about anger, but what I see throughout is passion shape shifted into a voluptuous collection of heterogeneous poems. And maybe she is showing us that the heroines we worshiped, the Lynda Carters, weren’t the real heroes at all, maybe the heroes are the women who redirected their rage, put pen to paper and shared their experience in a way that unfeignedly resonates."
—Rebecca Schumejda, author of
Cadillac Men (NYQ Books, 2012)

poet bio:
Margaret Crocker lives in Southern Missouri with her husband of 25 years and her daughters, who float in and out of her life. Margaret would like to thank several publications for celebrating her art and work as well; among them As It Ought To Be, the Sanesplaining podcast (of whom she is a host), Windowpanes and Green Bean Press. This is not an inclusive list. She would especially like to thank her husband, who has always loudly encouraged her to publish his favorites, and her daughters, family and friends, who have provided much inspiration and good examples of how life should be lived.